Hey there!

I am Andréas and welcome to Locke’_n_Words (lɑkt ˈɪn wɝdz).

I am a poet and writer. Welcome to my lifestyle blog! Here, I share my thoughts, experiences as well as a range of topics from Personal Growth, Health and Wellness, Relationships, and many more.

Naturally, my life has always translated into words — through it, I make meaning of life, and of the experiences I encounter along the way. My only hope is that my blog will inspire you and ignite your own creativity, as well as make sense of your own reality.

A vessel of exploration forging a community of storytellers…”

Andréas Deolinda

Founded in 2020, Locke’_n_Words (lɑkt ˈɪn wɝdz) is a platform for poetic exchange. A vessel of exploration forging a community of storytellers journeying the unknown and unfamiliar landscapes.

Locke’_n_Words represents a sacred space; in it lies the riches of the heart. The key to revealing its chest is solely through words.

Hey there!

About Me

Hi, I’m Andréas Deolinda.

Writing has always been a deep-seated part of me. I once envied creatives; those who paint stories with art, words, music, and dance – despite having this gift to write, I could never call myself a creative because I just didn’t feel that I was good enough or talented enough. But! one day I took a leap of faith and trusted that all those years of writing in my little notebooks had meaning; that I had to find it in myself to ignite this flame in me.

I write because it provides cathartic relief in times of pain and difficulty and of course good moments; I write because it is a way for me to draw you into my world through your imagination.

I hope you join me on this journey of self-discovery and exploring the different possibilities one can achieve with words.

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