Silent screams

By Andréas RB Deolinda

Stone walls don’t talk.

But if they could what would they say?

Sacred engravings carved in rough stones laced in patterns.

What lies beyond, no one can fathom what phantom lies behind those walls.

Or is my heart too wicked to allude a perhaps better reality.

Yet somehow, those walls stand tall,

Grounded in appearance, somewhat fragile.


Do not question their existence,

Each brick plays a role,

One by one they stack over the other.

Some walls aren’t meant to protect, some hide a truth.

If walls could talk, would you listen?

Published by Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda

Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda is a poet and writer passionate about using her craft to inspire change in every aspect of life through thought-provoking discussions. Through her out-of-the-box approach to writing, she hopes to inspire her audience and advocate for the power of education to give voice to individuals in all walks of life. As a writer, she covers topics in sports, culture, science, education, lifestyle, mental health wellness, and advocacy around special needs. Andréas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology Research and holds a double major BSc degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and two BA Honors degrees in Psychology and Drama Therapy. Discover more about her work: Instagram: @andy_deolinda

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