The Art of Finding Peace

“Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.”

African Proverb

As we grow older, they say we become wiser. Wise in thought, wiser with our time, wiser with those we surround ourselves with…

I found that to get to that place of wisdom, it takes a lot of self-reflection to truly unpack the part of you that needs that awakening and the shift that needs to happen to achieve inner equilibrium. 

It’s so easy to get lost in the questions…the whys, the when…and very often, the answers aren’t ever answered. There are those moments of stillness where it becomes just that—still. Where you can’t even hear your thoughts, and no matter how much you try—you find yourself maneuvering through unknown landscapes, directionless. 

You question everything—How you got here,  why you’re here, when you’ll ever reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, what it will take to be like those who speak of the times they were at their lowest and today living out their dreams. 

It’s hard!

Finding yourself. It’s hard!

There’s no handbook to success! They say you keep at it until your time comes. Time? What a joke! Time is a privilege. All we have is now and when that becomes your primary thought, everything feels delayed.

At times, there’s a certain feeling that takes over you when in the silence, you’re just listening to the sounds around you. At that moment, there’s a sense of stillness that overtakes you—that peace. The unfortunate reality is it comes like a chevalier and leaves you hopeless. But is that true peace?

What is peace then? How does one sustain it? What is the true meaning of peace?

“…But, true Peace.
A harmony of spirit, a comfort of courtesies...”

extract of the poem “Amazing Peace” by Maya Angelou

Indeed true peace is the reflection of a calm spirit, an awakening that reminds us that even in the pain, there’s something to rejoice for. Finding that peace takes time, commitment, and constant self-reflection.

Peace is void of resentment. Peace does not operate in angst or hurt. It is the tender whistle of hummingbirds amidst turbulent winds. 

Finding peace is a journey that requires unpacking deep-seated histories that have made way for pain and discomfort and for some, this journey could take months others years. 

When we operate from a place of peace, it does not eliminate the possibility of future hurt, disappointment, or pain but rather arms us with the right weapons to endure those moments and still operate from a place of kindness towards ourselves

Peace is a journey of solitude. No one can travel it for you. It is for you! It allows you to transform your surrounding to only allow the things that offer clarity and filter negativity.

The greatest reward of peace is self-discovery—knowing and becoming the person you’re meant to be is self-discovery. It teaches you parts of you yet to be uncovered while revealing just what you need to unlock even more treasure. 

So while the journey is hard and unbearable, the real question is not when will I reach my destiny….It is—what do I have to do now to ensure that I am capable to receive what my destiny has in store and the ability to sustain it. 

Endurance is the drive to keep growing while resilience is the gears that keep the engine running regardless of the pebblestones or potholes on the road. 

Ultimate peace is the cultivation of the lessons learnt combined with the willingness to work on yourself and the reminder that what is yours will be. 

The art of peace is tearing away unwanted layers and rediscovering every layer of yourself while staying firm on your faith.

It is a process, don’t rush it! And while you’re at it, learn to love your present self.


Published by Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda

Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda is a poet and writer passionate about using her craft to inspire change in every aspect of life through thought-provoking discussions. Through her out-of-the-box approach to writing, she hopes to inspire her audience and advocate for the power of education to give voice to individuals in all walks of life. As a writer, she covers topics in sports, culture, science, education, lifestyle, mental health wellness, and advocacy around special needs. Andréas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology Research and holds a double major BSc degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and two BA Honors degrees in Psychology and Drama Therapy. Discover more about her work: Instagram: @andy_deolinda

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