This is your sign to move on!

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. ”

― Chinua Achebe

By Andréas RB Deolinda

Have you ever been a situation that has left you in a state of disbelief? That “What the flamingo?” Moment…

There comes a time in one’s life where the moment that offered that breakthrough which you’d prayer for no longer serves purpose. I call that GROWTH!

At every stage of one’s life, you begin a new chapter, but like a book, that chapter has to close to unlock more mysteries that proceeds the next. It is still the same book—but the story needs to continue. That climatic moment is drawn from a build up of several events revealed as every chapter introduces a new narrative.

Our lives are an amalgamation of several different journeys that only reveal themselves when we take the leap and realize there’s still so much more to be conquered. The only way to unlock the next level is to keep moving!

The secret to growth is listening to that intuition that tells you “Now is the time.” Some say it’s a gut feeling—I believe it’s a God feeling. There’s always a sign.
It could be a series of events that have occurred (either positive or negative) or that feeling that the present moment has become redundant. The need to move on becomes so insatiable that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

Now is the time!

I’m in a season where the word “NOW” has been so crystal clear that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

A wise man once said: “money is loyal to no one,” and I believe that to be true.
In the same way, your dreams and aspirations are only loyal to you if you give them value, time and effort.

Your dreams will lead you to where the money reside. In other words, with the right mindset those dreams will convert and the compensation doesn’t always have to be of monetary value because the fulfillment and impact that will result from living in your purpose is much more valuable than the check.

“Live in your purpose!”

—Andréas Deolinda

So whether you’re chasing a healthier lifestyle or a better life for yourself—why not start today? What’s your “but” excuse that is holding you back? Is it worth never trying? At the end of the day, no matter who may be there to hold you accountable to achieve the dream YOU desire, if you’re not willing to step up to the plate it’s already a lost battle.

So get up, and just go for it!

I hope your journey is fruitful. Trust that what is yours will be and if you strongly believe that the time for change is now; do it!

Until next time, 


Published by Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda

Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda is a poet and writer passionate about using her craft to inspire change in every aspect of life through thought-provoking discussions. Through her out-of-the-box approach to writing, she hopes to inspire her audience and advocate for the power of education to give voice to individuals in all walks of life. As a writer, she covers topics in sports, culture, science, education, lifestyle, mental health wellness, and advocacy around special needs. Andréas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology Research and holds a double major BSc degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and two BA Honors degrees in Psychology and Drama Therapy. Discover more about her work: Instagram: @andy_deolinda

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