Life usually takes us on a journey that we never anticipated travelling on. While writing has always been a part of me, not once did I imagine ever calling myself a blogger.

I am a strong believer that when God places something in your heart, you’ll always feel a attraction to it. So here we go!

My journey has led me to Locke’_n_Words.

Why Locke’_n_Words?

I have always found lockets (commonly known as heart lockets) to be beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelery. It inspired me because in history, lockets have been used as symbols of union,  remembrance, or preservation of something precious.

And so the name Locke’_n_Words (pronounced: Locked in Words) is a play on words between locket and locked. The content of a locket can range between a photo, or any item of value; for me, my locket is a gatekeeper of words. By words I refer to the use of text to express myself, and a vessel through which I navigate dilemmas centered around who I am and my advocacy.

Through Locke’_n_Words in words I interrogate culture, the various facets of society, and everything in between. To know Locke’_n_Words is to know me…

Who is Andréas?

I was born and raised in Congo, Brazzaville. At age 11, my family and I relocated to South Africa. I am multi lingual in languages Bémbé (African mother tongue), I am native French speaking, and fluent in English.

I hold a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and two BA Honors degrees in Psychology and Drama Therapy. Yes, three degrees! Sometimes I even forget I acheived all that — I give all credit to God!

My passions include writing, poetry, teaching special needs children, and of course…..oh and baking!

As a writer, my writings have been influenced by novelists and writers such as Ben Okri, Alain Mabanckou, Chinua Achebe, Gcina Mhlope; and of course, Maya Angelou. Oh, and probably all the authors on my bookshelf.

My most exciting and recent project is an interview I did for Authority Magazine and Thrive Global where I give you and all inspiring tips on how to create powerful and evocative poetry. Check out the links below to read about me and my journey as a poet and writer: Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and Celebrity Myxer.

Read and learn more about me through my blog. Thank you for being here!

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