An ode to love

By Andréas Deolinda

Can I write a poem about you?

Lay down every feeling every emotion,

every heart-stopping grip you have on me;

and transform them into words.

Every word matching every sensation.

Will it ease the process?

You’re like a breath of fresh air – yet somehow

you suffocate me and I lose sense of my world.

You provide comfort – Yet somehow I feel misplaced.

You show me kindness – yet you’re still the one thing

causing me the greatest heartache.

You say you care for me but the silence

evokes a sense of loneliness.

It was supposed to be easy wasn’t it?

My walls were high, protected with barbered wires hanging tall;

any breach was almost impossible.

Almost, I say!

There you went and broke down that wall;

that little bit of sanity I held unto.

You broke my defenses,

and now…

I am left vulnerable, searching for that daunting

familiar figure in the darkness.

You galloped away under the twilight

one fortnight into the distance.

In silence I watched you take a step further out.

So, here I sit and wait looking across,

wondering if you’ll ever return.

Run back to me with haste,

I am here:

I welcome you boldly.

But I’ll wait

I’ll wait your return;

Impatiently, zealously.

You’re my weakness

but never will I admit that to you.

So then,

Should I write this poem to you?

Do the words on this page mean anything at all?

Seek for me, and you’ll find me right where you left me;

In complete hunger for you

Published by Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda

Andréas Ruth B. Deolinda is a poet and writer passionate about using her craft to inspire change in every aspect of life through thought-provoking discussions. Through her out-of-the-box approach to writing, she hopes to inspire her audience and advocate for the power of education to give voice to individuals in all walks of life. As a writer, she covers topics in sports, culture, science, education, lifestyle, mental health wellness, and advocacy around special needs. Andréas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology Research and holds a double major BSc degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, and two BA Honors degrees in Psychology and Drama Therapy. Discover more about her work: Instagram: @andy_deolinda

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