Has the African Sports System Failed Aspiring Young Athletes?

The sports industry is and has become one of the largest and well-financed industries to date. Its success is accounted for by a gush of sponsorships from reputable brands, and loyal sportsmanship that contributes to the growth and sustainability of the industry. According to the Business Research Company, in 2020, the global sports market generatedContinue reading “Has the African Sports System Failed Aspiring Young Athletes?”

This is your sign to move on!

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. ” ― Chinua Achebe By Andréas RB Deolinda Have you ever been a situation that has left you in a state of disbelief? That “What the flamingo?” Moment… There comes a time in one’s life where the moment that offered that breakthroughContinue reading “This is your sign to move on!”